Stop Vaping

Stop Vaping

Want to stop Vaping?  How to break an unwanted habit for good.

First things first.  You have to truthfully and honestly want to break the habit. You do?  Good.  Let’s talk about how it can been achieved.  The science behind how it works, because it does work!

Most of our unwanted habits and behaviours are stored in our unconscious mind.  This means that we are doing them unconsciously!  You probably know this feeling of lighting up a cigarette or vaping and then going into a daydreaming trance whilst doing it!  Or driving the car to work and then wondering how you got there? Or being so absorbed in a TV program that you didn’t even hear someone calling your name?  You get the picture.

So why can it be so hard to just change a habit by willpower alone?  Our mind is rather like a computer (only much much superior), storing data and creating programs that in turn run our life.  The problem can be that a lot of our programs are unwanted or outdated.  So how do we access the subconscious program and change it?  You can change the program with Hypnotherapy.  By guiding you into a relaxed state (which is when our brainwaves slow down) we can begin to enter theta which is the same feeling as just before we go to sleep at night but not actually sleeping.  It is then that mind accepts suggestions more easily and the subconscious mind can be accessed.

Stop Vaping is done in one Hypnotherapy session of between 1 ½ to 2 hours.  It consists first of talking through daily routines and habits with nicotine and smoking and then a hypnotherapy treatment session that is individualised to your needs.  The success rate is high and many people enjoy the feeling of being free and against an addiction that they no longer want.


” I am now approaching my 7th week with absolutely no vaping and no urge to vape thanks to the wonderful Gaynor. Not only this but hypnotherapy has had a wonderful effect on my life in general! I had been vaping solidly for 6 years since quitting cigarettes and (in the last 2 years particularly) I felt strongly controlled by the nicotine and a desire to get rid of it but intensely afraid to live without it.
Hypnotherapy was not at all how most of us imagine. Afterwards it felt like I had taken part in a session of relaxing self care. My desire to vape was completely gone. Every now and then since that session my brain has habitually wanted to do something (as it would normally do when I wanted a vape) only the desire to inhale nicotine was just completely gone. I could never have done this without Gaynor. Without hypnotherapy I would feel like I was denying myself something but I don’t feel that at all. Instead I just feel like an empty habit is gradually drifting away.
I am mostly looking forward to Christmas and holidays with my family now. I had never told them I smoked or vaped and have always felt distanced from them because I was hiding something. I felt like in some way I was still a child, which has definitely held me back in life.
Gaynor has helped me to end a controlling addiction and to become closer to my family at the same time by getting to the real reasons why I started vaping and why I wanted to stop. I never imagined hypnotherapy would make these greater changes in my life.
I am planning more sessions in the New Year. I am totally convinced that hypnotherapy is the way to rediscover the calm, confident me that I’ve always had inside.

Hypnotherapy can also be used for other unwanted habits such as stop drinking, stop nail biting and weight management.

It’s amazing to think that you can stop doing an unwanted habit in such a short space of time.

Self Esteem – Break the mould – be yourself

Self Esteem – Break the mould – be yourself

I don’t know about you but I love the expression “break the mould”, to me it implies freedom and individuality but what does it mean?  Break the mould means doing something different or new to what is expected or changing a situation completely.

It can be challenging to “break the mould” these days as we live in such an approval seeking society.  It starts right from school with teachers and as a child with our parents always trying to do “the right thing”.  The problem is that when you constantly seek approval from others you lose who you are and the most important thing is how you feel about yourself.  Remember, your self-esteem is located within you. There will always be an amount of disapproval in your life and that’s okay.  I’m not saying go out and seek it, but just expect a certain amount, not everyone will approve with your choices.

When someone disapproves of your life choices just acknowledge it but let them know it’s who you are.  Opinions are great, approval is great, but don’t be controlled by them.  You have to get really internally referenced.  Understand that your security about how you feel about yourself is located inside.  Security on the outside world is an illusion.  You will only truly find it in yourself.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for change.  You can change unwanted beliefs and habits using hypnotherapy.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

How does Hypnotherapy work?

I’ve been an avid reader for many years as I like to know how stuff works and how our lives are all so different and yet similar in so many ways. I found myself reading a lot of really great self-help books, all targeted at the parts of my life that I needed support with, but nothing ever seemed to change. Old feelings remained and those same insecurities kept niggling away at me.

After years of research, and much personal trial and error, I realized that I was struggling due to habitual subconscious programs that were running my life.

To put a little background on this, in the first 7 years of our lives, we are in the theta brain state. This is our hypnosis imagination phase, and we learn how to behave by listening and watching others, simply downloading stuff. The issue may be that we downloaded dis-empowering or negative beliefs, that are still running as subconscious programs in our lives. So, no matter how much we try consciously to change, it can still be a struggle.

So, what can you do?  How do you get that change that you want?

You can change your subconscious habits through Hypnotherapy, which guides you to achieve deep levels of relaxation, naturally entering the receptive theta state again. If you visualize something strongly enough, really feel the emotion and bring it to life, the brain doesn’t know the difference between the visualization and reality. Sports people use it all the time. You really can begin to manifest the life you want.  It helps people with confidence, self-esteem and re-routes you to your desired path.

Someone said to me the other day how wonderful their hypnotherapy session had been and that it was like magic. It’s not magic, but harnessing the real power of your own mind is a magical place to be, and it starts with you.

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